26 October 2011

the wedding bells rings

Yup yup, here's the card that I've talked about! It for my sister's bestie whom got married last weekend. 
To be truthful, I had no idea about making a wonderful wedding card & so, got my the inspiration from Darlene. Made the kraft envelope myself and hand-cut most of the hearts, other than  few as you can see. (Its from my two-dollar-store craft punch. yes, i know most of the crafters in the west say dollar-store. but in my country, the cheapest is a two-dollar store. ha) 

oh wells, like i've mentioned in the previous post, i've been busy with my temporary job ( till i have to go to school). I hardly had time for crafts :( Worse still, I have my mom's birthday mini-album to complete. 18 pages to do, and I'm only on page 4. Now that I'm working, I totally can't make them since my mom will be home by the time i knock-off and I leave the house earlier than her every single day :( Being a birthday surprise meant that I have to do it behind her back. OH MAN! how am I going to complete it now I seriously wonder ... 

Back on track, I went to purchase a Cutterpede Mini Paper Trimmer last weekend. Cause I've been rather unhappy with my Fiskars Personal Trimmer, it doesn't seem to cut clean and straight lines now. (It didn't have a clean cut from the first day to start with). I know you may ask why a mini and not the full length one. Firstly, paper's I've purchased are mostly the 6X6 pads, 12X12 are mostly card stocks only. Secondly, I wanted something small and handy. Third, I wanted to use it as a scorer too. So, I hope I've made a right decision. HA. But I'm still trying to get the hang of it. Any advices earthlings? 


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