26 July 2012

Moustache birthday

Haven there been a Moustache trend around? I have been wondering how it got started on actually. Anyways, it was my father's birthday shortly after Father's day ...

 I'd decided to make a 'single side card', more like a tag actually. It was brought up due to an incident due the father's day celebration when the family realises that our dear daddy only looks at the front cover of the card & keeps it back to the envelope. So we started complaining on why make a full card when he only looks at the front. But oh well, daddy can't be blamed at caused our content are more or less the same every single year. He could have already memorised it. I still did write a message on the back of the tag this time, & he actually flipped at read!

I first did a cutout of the heart on the pattern paper. Depending on the size of it, cut strips of papers and glue them to the kraft cardstock. Its a good way to use up your scrap pieces of papers here. Put the heart-cut piece of paper on dimensional foam, fill up the rest with alphabet stickers (yes, my letter Y is weird, & I've shifted it down after taking the weird looking photo). The moustache was actually from a promotion card given out in a restaurant for Father's day lunch. Another good way to use materials available around you isn't it? 

Oh yea, my mom actually asked me what does the rulers below represent? Really, I don't know? Just used any pattern paper that I felt like. Mom always loves to ask these kinds of questions when I made something. Everything happens for a reason. ha. 


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