theJuneLullaby was created to memo & share my passion for craft.
Constantly look through the blogs of other crafters, I was very much inspired to be like them.
Not the popularity, but their idea of sharing to the world on what they have enjoyed doing ...

- a little about me -
Name: Jheresa L
Age: 20
Birthday: June 19
Occupation: Student
Favourite Colours: Yellow, Teal & White
Hobbies: Crafting of cos! :) Started with cross-stitching, to drawing and beading when young.
As I grew, I fell in love with fabrics and enjoyed sewing.
A little unfortunate, I didn't have a sewing machine at home and thus felt a little constrained when playing with fabrics.
Oh, before I forget, I do jewelry-making too. Simple beading, making of pendants and charms and gave them as gifts to my dear friends.
Recently, while searching online for more jewelry-making technique videos, I came across a card-making video and then,
you know it, I have fallen in love with a new craft again...

But but, I will never forget my previous love of course! One fine day I shall incorporate them all into a project. HA! :)
& Hey, my new love is the most costly love I've ever had in my 20 years of live.
Despite this truth, I shall slowly grow it, a little by little, just like how crafters out there grow their collections ...

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