27 July 2012

Cut out love

Both of my besties have their birthdays in June. Being all of our twenty first birthdays, it quite an important stage in life and I've been planning to create something more special, and that they can keep for long. I've been cracking up my head, browsing through pinterest daily for ideas ...

Finally decided with making a little poster with qualities and words that I always link with them.
First typed and designed whole poster in Photoshop and printed them on cardstock, flipped so that the lines won't show on the final project. Pasted it on the wonder tape and cut each letter out individually. Becareful when you stick the cardstock on the wonder tape! Think well on which side will be the sticky side on the cardstock, the side facing down which to attach to the final piece of coloured cardstock. I did not think through well the first item I did them and wasted a whole sheet of wonder tape.

If you did not want to use wonder tape, you can simply cut the letters out when attach with your good old adhesives. I just wanted to skip the hassle of gluing individual and was afraid that there will be sides not glued well and start flicking over the years later.

Look out for tomorrow's post for their birthday cards & updates on the etsy shop!


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