20 August 2012

Moooo birthday

Alright, this was supposed to be a tutorial post on the altered book that I've mentioned on the previous post, but I was so tied up in schedule, I have not even planned the 'design' of the book, not to say video it.

Just a few more weeks left before my move and I have lots to do, and also three upcoming birthday cards and gifts to plan and be done before I leave. Please don't remind me of packing, I really wish I can get all my stash and supplies over and unfortunately, I can't. So there's this big headache over here.

And yea, new products of the etsy shop not done and now, I am considering if I should launch them or not. If I do, it meant that I need to carry all the products and supplies over ... another headache ...

And again, I guess my life will go bad without my stash and supplies over there, which means almost no crafting, unless I purchase new supplies over there ...

Okay enough of ramblings, yes, yet another birthday card from yours truly to my sister whose zodiac is a cow and has recently gone crazy about pink.

It was my first time doing heat embossing and as you can see, I failed (a little?). The original plan was for the chervon lines to be embossed clear while the cow in white. But who knows (I didn't know) that my clear embossing powder, a UTEE, could not be attached well onto Versamark ink. Thus, I heated the whole card with the hope that the Versamark ink would dry up so I can proceed to stamping and embossing the cow. And who knows again, when I spread the white embossing powder over the over, the chevron lines caught them too! With no other choices left, the whole background was embossed in white, with a little part where I guess the Versamark ink had dried up. Yea, my sad first experience with heat embossing. Not to mention the statics above ... 
Oh! Don't ask me why the green is below while the pink is above when the cow should be eating grass ... my mom asked that. ha! 


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