6 June 2011

Gone for awhile ...

I've recently got myself a part-time job, which explains the lack of updates.

I can hardly find a proper time to craft and I guess the worse reason a crafter can get is the lack of materials!

The cost for crafting materials in this part of the world is so much more expensive and many times, its not worth it to get from the stores. Then again, while the prices online are more reasonable, the postage cost was the bomb. And, many do not provide tracking services which cause me to feel insecure in buy bulks (more worth in terms of postage).

Oh well, all the grumbling and reasons I can get. I tried using cheaper alternatives. Such as using CD cases or transparent boxes to replace acrylic blocks, make-up sponge to replace ink-blender. Well, while the make-up sponge is working fine, the alternatives for acrylic blocks are giving me problems. I can never get a good stamped image, there are always patches of unstamped images ... is it the problem of the clear/cling stamp or the "block"?

If you have any good suggestions for "economical" crafting alternatives, do share alright :D

Okay, I am having a few off days this week. HOORAY! So I'll be tidying up the blog and posting the entry of the Father's Day card that I've spent over a week to complete. (Told you I have a shortage of time)

Do check out for updates and till then ... Have you crafted your Father's Day card?

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