26 September 2011

A move, A new beginning

After a few considerations, I have decided to moved to Blogger.
Moved all my posts over and got a new layout done :D
Its been awhile (years!) since I have last made a layout and touch html codes, not even CSS.
Sorry to dear reader if you are using the IE browser. I have no idea how to resolve the problem cause if the layout look alright for IE, it will look 'bad' for Firefox and Safari etc. So, I have chose to go for my browser, i.e. Firefox. (Sorry for being a little selfish)

ha. enough of some ranting.
One of the local scrapbooking store (my fav!) here is having a 45 percent discount! YAY! Considering its almost half the price, which in turn cost around the same if products were bought in the US, I've made some little purchased! (Yes, if you haven't know. Products are sold twice and even thrice the US pricing here!)
Planning to get more goodies and prepare for my mom's birthday present.I happened to see a Maya Road Chipboard mini album on sale the other day, therefore sparked my little bulb in starting on mini albums...

Guess my mom is always my start of inspiration and motivation when it comes to crafts, and always a further addiction to craft.

Alright, till then. Take lots of care people :)

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