21 September 2011

Fall in love with Fall

I know I should have posted this longgggg ago. But, the lazy bug has gotten into me, unfortunately....

Hope you aren't getting to bored with my forever-happy-birthday-cards. The thing is, I thought I dislike wastage and I guess in this part of the world, we aren't very much into giving cards often unless its occasion for birthdays, or Christmas. Yet, the other thing is, I haven't been giving out Christmas cards this twenty-odd years of my life? Not a culture very much practiced by my family, very unfortunately.

Me too wished to much other themed cards, Thanksgiving, Get-Well Soon, Halloween, Christmas, and any other you can think of. I think they are beautiful and special, especially when the different collections are released. I get this urge and yet my sub-conscious told me not to end up wasting supplies... (in the sense when cards have to left in the cupboards). I guessed the only way this to maybe put the cards on sites like Etsy? But planning takes a long way, especially when I lived on one end of the Earth where buyers/interested parties are mostly on the other end.... If you do get what I mean, shipping charges and such can make a worthy product not that much of worth... if you do get what I mean again...

ANYWAYS! I thought I had made quite an achievement this time round? Making a card a little out of my usual? A square card with totally no stamping and tried using the different embellishments that I have been hiding in my craft stash ...But you see, not begin quite a crafter with a large collection of supplies, I have been using my usuals aways ... but, isn't it good to see different designs using the same? I felt good with them :D


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